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If you are an executive or business owner thinking of moving abroad, or if you have already done so, we can advise and help with all your legal and tax obligations. We provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary consulting that lets you eliminate risk in compliance with the tax obligations arising from posting workers abroad, and in the appropriate application of possible incentives and special tax regimes. We carry out a detailed study of the tax impact for the expatriate and for the company as a consequence of moving abroad, while coordinating with our local partners in the destination country or territory. In this way, we can know in advance what tax criteria are applicable in both territories, balancing both tax systems appropriately and avoiding any inefficiencies.

We work closely with the expatriate throughout the exit process and beyond - we also prepare a “return” protocol, obtaining maximum legal certainty in both legs of the journey.

Tax Advice:

  • Analysis of the tax implications and application of Double Tax Agreements in the specific situation of the expatriate worker.
  • Managing the change of tax residence
  • Study of the applicable tax incentives, urging the application of any corresponding benefits, and for workers moving abroad: exemption for jobs undertaken abroad (Article 7.P) known as the Excess Regime; and for workers assigned to Spanish territory, the application of the special regime for assignee workers. 

Tax Management:

  • Notification of the assignment and the change of tax domicile
  • Income Tax filing as resident or non-resident for tax purposes in Spain or at the destination (as applicable)

Our main goal is to ensure that the fiscal aspects of a foreign assignment are not a burden on the growth of the company nor a risk for the worker posted abroad, and this can be achieved with expertise, rigour, and a professional approach.

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