Managing Expatriate Employees

Expatriate employees services

After carefully planning workers international postings, including the tax, labour law, immigration and Social Security aspects, the required communications with government bodies must be managed.

GD Asesoría provides specialists in every management area who can ensure full compliance with tax obligations and the requirements of foreign governments in the case of international postings.

Our expatriate employees management service includes:

  • Tax Agency: reporting changes in the tax domicile, changes in residence for tax purposes, income tax returns and declaration of assets as residents or non-residents.
  • Labour Authority: notification of changes in contracts affecting the essential conditions of the job and compliance with workplace risk prevention obligations.
  • Social Security: reporting the expatriation or inpatriation of the worker and signing a special Social Security agreement.
  • Immigration: processing work and residence visas and permits.

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Relocate abroad and expatriate employees services

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