Foreign administrative procedures for visas and permits

We are an authority on Spanish immigration, advising government bodies and institutions on the subject. We specialize in moves for work or investment reasons by executives and qualified foreign workers to Spanish (EU) territory.

GD Asesoría provides immigration and expatriation solutions for companies hiring foreign workers through its immigration consultancy service, helping organizations in all the legal, tax and management issues involved in international employee postings. 

Globalization means companies need fast and flexible employee transfers in order to meet the needs of their customers. Immigration and expatriation requirements are highly complex. Any mistakes in immigration processes stemming from employee postings can cause long delays in service provision, which can seriously damage a company’s reputation.

At the same time, the administrative immigration processes established to obtain work permits in Spain are becoming more complicated day by day. The type of work permit applied to a foreign worker determines the tax treatment and Social Security status of the worker and their family.

Processing of visas, residence permits and work permits

We have professionals in the fields of tax law, labour law and Social Security, enabling us to offer comprehensive management of immigration and expatriates, with the following services:

  • Advice on immigration in international business.
  • Planning expatriation and immigration processes.
  • Managing all types of work permits and residence permits in Spain.
  • Establishing mobility, expatriation, and immigration policies for a group of professionals in your company.
  • Managing expatriate employees as an immigration-related process.

Consultancy for international mobility of companies

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