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We have 5 agencies spread throughout Spain. At GD Asesoría we offer tailored solutions for companies that need a trusted professional advisor. We are a team of more than 200 professionals with extensive experience in management and advice to businesses.

Consulting firm in Barcelona


Gestión laboral Barcelona

Carrer Roc Boronat 147
08018 Barcelona
T: +34 93 270 24 05


Consulting firm in Madrid


Consulting firm in Barcelona

Calle de Zurbarán 9
28010, Madrid
T: +34 91 524 71 50


Consulting firm in Bilbao


Consulting firm in Bilbao

Ercilla Kalea 17, 3º
48009, Bilbao
T: +34 94 435 26 44


Consulting firm in Valencia


Consulting firm in Valencia

Avda. Aragón 30, bajos
46021, Valencia
T: +34 96 339 11 17


Consulting firm in Zaragoza


Consulting firm in Zaragoza

C/ Joaquín Costa 4, 3º
50001, Zaragoza
T: +34 97 622 76 69


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