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We are the consultancy you’ve been looking for. Since 1989, we have been the trusted legal advisers, personnel managers, accountants and tax consultants for businesses like yours. GD Asesoría is the division of Gesdocument that specialises in small and medium-sized companies. Over 4,200 companies like yours are now satisfied clients.

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Tax and Accountancy Consultancy
Empresas de asesoría contable y fiscal.

Tax and Accountancy Consultancy

Tax consultancy and accounting management: tax management

Tax management and accounting consultancy for companies

The GD Asesoría tax and accountancy division helps companies’ finance departments with tax advice and efficient accounting. The accountancy service is supplemented by tax advice, with expert knowledge of taxes and a strong financial background. 

Labour Consultancy
Asesoría laboral para empresas

Labour Consultancy

Labour consultancy and labour management for SMEs

Management of Social Security matters and labour inspection

The GD Asesoría labour consultancy division offers HR departments a complete labour law consultancy service, plus payroll outsourcing. We also provide efficiency and technology with our online portals for employees and for HR managers.

Mercantile Consultancy
Asesoría mercantil Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza y Valencia

Mercantile Consultancy

Mercantile consultancy and management for business

Consulting Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Zaragoza

The GD Asesoría mercantile division can help and advise you in your company operations. We offer advice and maintenance services for compliance with the mercantile regulations affecting your company, its administrators and partners, including advice, drafting and preparation of the required deeds.

International Mobility and Immigration
Oficina internacional para asesoramiento en migración y extranjería

International Mobility and Immigration

We offer a global immigration and emigration service with a multidisciplinary outlook. We handle employee expatriation and inpatriation processes, taking into account all the aspects involved in an international posting.

Asesoría para Fundaciones y Asociaciones
Asesoría para Fundaciones y Asociaciones

Asesoría para Fundaciones y Asociaciones

En GD Asesoría disponemos de una unidad de negocio enfocada únicamente a grandes entidades sin ánimo de lucro (fundaciones y asociaciones consideradas de utilidad pública)

We specialise in sme enterprise

Tax and accountancy consultancy