Company Liquidations, Mergers and Splits

Company Liquidations

As businesses develop, different decisions need to be made regarding restructuring, or even liquidation in some cases. Each of these movements means mercantile administration tasks such as liquidating, merging or spinning off companies. As these events affect companies only occasionally, they are usually not sure how to deal with them and need legal assistance to complete each step.

With our mercantile consultancy service and our team of lawyers, our clients can enjoy personalized attention, experience and efficiency. Our specialists have worked with and managed many liquidation, merger and spin-off operations, thanks to their multidisciplinary approach.

We handle each operation according to the specific features of each company, providing a unique legal consultancy service to suit the operational and financial needs of the business. Our service consists of comprehensive attention for each matter, dealing with business restructuring operations like mergers, splits, business branch transfers, and even liquidation and the final dissolution of a company.

Within these services, we provide legal advice in the following areas:

  • Merger operations in the wider sense (absorption, reverse, vertical, etc.), both national and cross-border
  • Total and partial splits
  • Transfers of business branches and transfers of assets and liabilities
  • Dissolution of companies, with or without liquidation, later or at the same time

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Company mergers services

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