Advice on Company Operations

Business operations

We can handle the management of any company operation, with a preliminary study and appropriate advice, including mergers and splits, liquidation and dissolution, transfers, mortgage novation, and capital increase of any kind.

You can see more details of the company management tasks we offer below:

  • Processing official announcements and financial announcements in the official gazette of the Companies Register and the national press.
  • Payment of the necessary forms in the competent Payment Offices of each Autonomous Region.
  • Entry in the relevant Companies Register, Property Register and Movable Property Register.
  • Management and filing of registration and census forms in the corresponding Tax Agency office.
  • Management and presentation of cadastral forms in the Territorial Cadastre in order to register the change of ownership of the properties.
  • Updating property taxes, such as the IBI or IAE, at the corresponding Town Councils.

Ask us about your case and we can offer a solution to suit your needs.

Business operations services

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