Notarized Document Registration and Consultancy

Notarized document advisor

We handle the entire process of managing deeds and notarized documents. We update the client regularly on the progress of the task until completion. Our clients can be sure that all the administrative details and formalities required for official documents and deeds will be executed correctly and without incident. This service relieves the managerial burden and gives our clients peace of mind and legal certainty.

The service covers entering documents in any Companies Register or Property Register, central and/or provincial, offering national coverage.

  • Reviewing notarized documents and entering them at the Companies Register corresponding to the company’s head office
  • Reviewing notarized documents and entering them at the Property Register corresponding to each property
  • Reviewing notarized documents and entering them at the Movable Property Register corresponding to movable goods
  • Cancelling encumbrances on land and buildings: we analyse the property register situation, and then arrange for any existing encumbrances to be lifted

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