Personnel Management & Payroll Administration

Employment advice for payroll administration

We are specialists in payroll administration and personnel management for small and medium-sized companies. At present, GD Asesoría manages the payrolls of over 500 companies with up to 30 employees, and over 250 larger companies. We have experience and we stand by our service.

We manage your payroll and we take full responsibility for it, coordinating with our labour lawyers, if necessary, to provide a 360º service for your Human Resources department and its legal aspects. Our service is not what you would find in a normal outsourcing or management company - we go a step further.

Management to outsource payroll and personnel management

The HR departments of medium and large companies focus on the functions which add value to the business, such as talent management, training and selection. Managing the payroll in-house saps your team's valuable resources and energy. GD Asesoría focuses on providing a service unlike any other on the market, contributing real value to Human Resources - that's why our clients in medium and large companies outsource the service to us, gaining a comprehensive service and our own technology for accessing their information in the cloud (via our Employee Portal and our HR Portal), which contributes to improving their internal processes.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your payroll management? Are you looking for a service provider who gives you more? Talk to us.

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