Assessment: Potential Evaluation


Ongoing assessment is especially important in any HR strategy, so we at GD Selección offer an in-depth assessment service, which enables us to evaluate the current and future potential of people in a company with respect to their specific duties or responsibilities.

This assessment service enables us to gather all the information needed to make decisions on people in recruitment processes (integration assessment) or internal promotion processes (promotion assessment), so as to establish custom development programs.

The GD Selección team is dedicated to commitment, confidentiality, and professionalism as the starting point in all services we provide, as well as dynamism, innovation, proactivity, and personal attention as an added value. We are able to assess all types of talent, whether for new hires, promotions, or development guidance.

If you would like further information on GD Selección services, or if you have any questions regarding the assessment service, please reach out to us, we would be happy to provide more information without any obligation.

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