Mercantile Law Consultancy

Mercantile Law

The GD Asesoría mercantile law division focuses its business services on corporate matters, from the origin and maintenance of a company to winding it up or ceasing trading. Our services concentrate on two main areas: general advice on the best legal vehicles for each situation, and more specifically, every aspect of paperwork and formalities.

Our mercantile law services include:

  • Creating and restructuring companies.
  • Incorporating mercantile companies and professional associations.
  • Legal advice and preparing reports, documents and formalities relating to executive remuneration.
  • Legal advice, preparing documents and formalities relating to the secretarial function of companies.
  • Drafting and revising contracts.
  • Legal advice on the incorporation and regulation of foundations.
  • Legal review of general contractual conditions.
  • Legal advice, preparing and drafting contracts for loans, leaseholds, sales, deposits and provision of services.
  • Legal advice, preparing and processing of legacies and donations.
  • Legal advice and assistance in legal hearings in cases of incapacitation.
  • Legal advice and drafting of claims for compensation.
  • Legal advice and processing of administrative permits and authorisations.
  • Due diligence processes.

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