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Labour law advocate

The GD Asesoría labour law advice service concentrates on two areas: legal and court defence of business owners, senior management and premium individual clients; and general labour law services and company-employee relations.

For example, these are a few of the services we offer:

  • Advice and consultancy on all labour law and Social Security matters.
  • Advice on collective disputes and strikes.
  • Advice on different modes of employment contract.
  • Labour and Social Security audits.
  • Legal defence in labour courts and tribunals (First Instance, High Court, National Court and Supreme Court)
  • Collective bargaining in sector and company agreements.
  • Mass redundancies.
  • Legal advice for companies in insolvency proceedings.
  • Mobility cases (geographical, functional, or working conditions).
  • Supplements to Social Security: pension plans.
  • Job classification claims.
  • Labour and Social Security Inspectorate (infractions or settlement).
  • Claims relating to benefit surcharges or compensation for loss and damages caused by workplace accidents or occupational diseases.
  • Temporary or permanent disability cases.
  • Arbitration.

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Labour lawyer services

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