Foreign agency for procedures and international mobility

Whether your company is thinking of opening new markets abroad and posting key employees to develop them, or if you have a foreign company looking to get established in Spain, GD Asesoría can help. As a founder member of the Leading Edge Alliance LEA Global, a leading international association of over 190 professional service companies based in 110 countries, we can offer clients the benefit of worldwide consultancy service coverage.

Foreign agency for visas and permits processing

We have already helped multinational companies, large and small, in different sectors, to set up in Spain: we cover their executive recruitment needs, arrange work permits and open the necessary doors for them to do business here in total confidence.

The scope of our services is illustrated in our capacity to develop and implement  an international mobility plan for your employees that includes a study of remuneration and payment practices, backed by our studies of the cost of living of the short-listed country. For example, as we did for a consultancy firm, preparing the way and transferring the executives of a Chinese financial entity to Spain; or in our ability to offer your company global emigration services, as we did for a wind power company.

Ask us about your case and we can offer a solution to suit your needs. 

Foreign agency for displaced workers

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Foreign advice for international mobility